Born November 5th, 1984

Currently lives and works in Richmond, CA



Group Exhibition, “Art Span Open Studios” Journal Building, San Francisco                 Oct 2017


Group Exhibition, “The Color Red" Jingle Town Art Studios, Oakland                             Feb 2018


Group Exhibition, “Art Span Open Studios” AAACC, San Francisco                                 Oct 2018


Solo Exhibition, “Did I Capture Your Spirit?” Makers Loft, Oakland                                  Nov 2018


Group Exhibition, “Right Here Right Now, Richmond” RAC,  Richmond                      Dec 2019


Group Exhibition, “Art of the African Diaspora” RAC, Richmond                                      Jan 2020


Group Exhibition, “Redefinition: Rebirth of the Black Woman” Oakstop, Oakland      Mar 2020


Group Exhibition, “Unbound Roots” SOMarts, San Francisco                                             Mar 2020


Group Exhibition, “Seen” Shoh Gallery, Berkely                                                                        Sept 2020

Group Exhibition, “Thriving in Place” Abrams Claghorn Gallery, Albany                         Sept 2020

Group Exhibition, “The Black Woman Is God” Somarts, San Francisco                              Nov 2020

 Group Exhibition “Art of the African Diaspora” Rhythmix, Alameda                                Feb 2021

Group Exhibition, “Black Brilliance Exhibition, Macy’s Union Square, San Francisco     Feb 2021

Solo Exhibition, “Ethereal Hue”,  Shoh Gallery, Berkeley                                                          Apr 2021




"Alameda permanently acquires Chochenyo Park art installation" East Bay Times, published August 31, 2021

"Feeling Blue: The Calming Canvases of Tiffany Conway" 48 Hills, published July, 11 20201

“Five Richmond Risk-Takers” Eastbay Express, published January 1, 2020

"Richmond artist becomes creative entrepreneur amid pandemic" The Richmond Standard, published July 23, 2020


Artistic Achievement Award- Art of the African Diaspora, 2020

Artistic Achievement Award- Art of the African Diaspora, 2021

NPA Mini-Grant Awardee, 2021